P.R. HAWKINS PESENTS "Menage The Stage Play": 3 consecutive Thursdays - Sept. 25th, Oct. 2nd, and Oct. 9th at The Hudson Theatres

"What's the point in having CAKE, if you cant EAT it"?

Upcoming Event

"Menage The Stage Play": will be performed on Sept. 25th, Oct. 2nd, and Oct. 9th. at The Hudson Theatres. Get tickets now

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Menage A Trois ebook

Before California Henderson stumbled into Jazzy’s on a hot summer day, she had discovered neither her ass nor her voice...

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Undeniable Swag ebook

Stevie Thompson was a mutha, a certified, over the top, badass. She walked the walk and talked the talk because she could. So,...

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I write

How Often Do I Write?

I get up. I write. I feed my dogs. I write. I go to work. I write.  I come home. I write Writers write. I am a writer For as long as I can remember I have had stories in my head. If I read a book or saw a movie and I didn’t like […]

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